False Matters – Stories improvised in the style of Philip K. Dick

What if everything you knew was wrong?

Gnap! Theater Projects launches into their most ‘mind-blowing’ project yet. False Matters, an improvised take on the speculative and often visionary science fiction worlds of acclaimed author Philip K. Dick. Each show will present a unique take on the psychedelic brew of Dick’s themes, including the mutability of time, reality, and identity as well as conspiracy theories, mind-altering drugs, psychic powers, androids and off-world human settlements.

False Matters

Gnap! Theater Projects shows aim to bridge the gap between Austin’s theater and improv communities, and False Matters brings together some of Austin’s finest improvisers with an author whose sometimes wry, sometimes paranoid worldview endears him to cutting edge artists and audiences.

The Cast includes Craig Kotfas, Courtney Hopkin, Jon Bolden, Kareem Badr, Kevin Miller, Kristin Firth, Kyle Traughber, Liz Brammer, Marc Majcher, Ruby Willmann, and Shannon McCormick

Director: Shannon McCormick
Assistant Director: Bryan Roberts
Stage Manager: Leng Wong
PR: Andreas Fabis
Video Design: Brandon Paul Salinas and Courtney Hopkin
Producer: Courtney Hopkin

Show Dates:
May 20th/21st at 8pm
May 27th/28th at 8pm
June 3rd/4th at 8pm
June 10th/11th at 8 pm


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